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LATAM Clean Energy was formed to develop and operate solar and wind power plants throughout Latin America Countries (LAC), where opportunities for renewable power generation projects have exceptionally high returns compared to US domestic projects.

Current Projects.

Latin America’s clean energy market grew more than 25 times faster than the global rate. On average Latin American countries have collectively targeted 70% of their generation from renewable sources by 2030, which is why LATAM Clean Energy has already secured 280 MW of renewable projects in Central America.
Image by Samyag Shah
50 MW Solar Project

Plant Capacity: 60MW DC

Annual Output: 86,250 MWh

Project IRR: 20+ Percent

Solar Project 2.png
120 MW Solar Project

Plant Capacity: 120 MW DC

Annual Output: 240,489 MWh

Project IRR: : 20+ Percent

Wind Project.jpg
100 MW Wind Project

Plant Capacity: 100 MW

Annual Output: 403,055 MWh

Project IRR: : 17+ Percent

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