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LATAM Clean Energy

Latin America is becoming one of the most attractive regions throughout the world with significant investment in renewable energy in recent years. From 2010-2015 investment exceeded $80 billion USD. In 2016, total renewable energy investment (excluding hydropower) was nearly $20 billion (USD), or close to 7% of the global total.


A division of Noble Generation (, LATAM Clean Energy was established to leverage strong key in-country relationships throughout  Latin American markets, where the company has the ability to secure premium clean energy and renewable power generation projects with aggressive PPA pricing, typically prior to any bidding rounds or auctions.

Solar Energy
Solar Construction.jpg

Despite coronavirus-related setbacks, 2020 will be one of the biggest years for solar demand in Latin America. The period 2020-2025 will see utility-scale solar grow in many countries in the region, with solar expanding rapidly.

LATAM Clean Energy is capitalizing on the burgeoning markets throughout the region, especially in Central America where its in-country contacts are strong and opportunities are especially promising.

Wind Energy
Wind Project Construction 4.png

Wind energy has enormous potential in Latin America.  With its relatively low population density, vast distances and energy needs in remote places, Latin America offers an ideal setting to harness wind energy.


LATAM Clean Energy has secured several opportunities in regions where wind energy generation is especially lucrative. 

Clean Energy
Natural Gas Plant Construction.jpg

Latin America has historically relied on large hydroelectric dams, natural gas, oil, diesel, and coal to meet its energy needs. But this outdated energy mix has created a vast opportunity for clean energy where conflicts with local and Indigenous communities, unsustainable subsidies, toxic air and water pollution, and unexpected blackouts. 

LATAM Clean Energy is leveraging its global experience to develop several biomass and natural gas fired plants.

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